Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures" transports its audience to a whimsical, fantastical universe where Oliver, a twenty-something manager’s assistant, finds himself as the temporary proprietor of his uncle’s magical hotel when Oscar leaves unexpectedly on cosmic council business. Oliver’s struggle to manage the hotel takes him on surreal adventures with its eccentric residents. 

Created by: KickthePj

Oscar’s Hotel is produced in association with The Jim Henson Company



Norbert the Reposession Fish - Alfred Molina, Apple - Louise Pentland, Bill the Worm - Mike Falzone, Box Death - Olan Rogers, Brie - Dan Howell, Brock - Felix Kjelberg, Carrie - Marzia Bisognin, Crazy Wizard - Greg Davis Jr., Cubisto/Red - Mitchell Davis, Finn the Carp - Emma Blackery, Fly - Toks Olagundoye, Ginger Root - Carrie Fletcher, Hermit - Grace Helbig, Jake the Worm - Meghan McCarthy, Jonathan Dullhead 1 - Joe Bereta, Jonathan Dullhead 2 - Elliot Morgan, Manny - Steve Zaragoza, Marzo - Mary Doodles, Maus - Jack Howard, Mo Nay/Wiggles/Fuzz - PJ Liguori, Mo Nay Lisa - Olga Kay, Murray - Thomas Ridgewell, Albert the Reposession Fish - Patrick Stewart, Octochef - Mamrie Hart, Oliver - Chris Kendall, Oscar - Andrew Ableson, Party Nightmare - Jake Roper, Queen Bee - Hannah Hart, Rash - Phil Lester, Rose - Meghan Rienks, Seksiman - Rob Michael Hugel, Shark Kid - Dean Dobbs, Sir Loin - Elliott Gould, Snow Pea - Gabbie Hanna, Sonny -Benjamin Cook, Stan - Bertie Gilbert, Statue Guy - Jerret Sleeper, The White Spirit - Anna Akana